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Brain Gym

What is Brain Gym?

Brain Gym is a Pro-active way of waking up the brain or to stimulate the brain function for Students and even adults to boost your mind and channel your brain cells.. The Brain gym is an exercise to improve you focuses, switch on the brain, practice the Physical Coordination and reconnect the body and the mind. It is also known as the Movement Therapy. By doing this regularly children or adults also improves their memory and also learn to balance their left brain and right brain which helps them to communicate in the better way.
Benefits of Brain Gym ?
• Improves Concentration , Reading skills and
• It makes you smarter and sharper.
• It boosts your confidence level.
• It improves your self-esteem.
• Revitalizes your natural healing mechanisms.
• Restores health and harmony.
• Improves eye-sight.
• Increases creativity and communication skills and listening Skills.
• Strengthens the neurological Pathways.
• Improves Learning Ability
• Works as stress Buster.
• Increases Creativity.

Exercises :
Basic Finger Fitness
Finger Independence
Criss-cross 1
Criss-cross 2
Criss-cross 3
Criss-cross 4
Criss-cross 5
Criss-cross 6
Criss-cross 7
Criss-cross 8
Rolling Finger
Rolling Hands
Tap head & roll on stomach

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